Hypnagothique #87 – Geigercounterculture #4


(A)(nhedoni)(A) – EyeScream
Double Connection – Plaster
winter.room – r.roo
(A)(voidant)(ttachment) – EyeScream
Deep Corridor – Brambles
Serenade – Marsen Jules
This Small Boat – St. Kilda
Her Head About The Room – Automobile, Swift
Alba – The Beautiful Schizophonic
Nebular – Gaston Arevalo
For Arzhia – Suojanpuoli
Clutching At Straws – St. Kilda

Curated by Igor Bartolec

Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps: stillness of pictures.
You speech, where speeches end.
You time vertically poised on the courses of vanishing hearts.
Feelings of what? Oh you transformation of feelings into… Audible landscape!
You stranger: music. Space that’s outgrown us, heart-space.
Innermost ours, that, passing our limits, outsurges,-
holiest parting:
Where what is within surrounds us as practiced horizon,
as other side of the air, pure, gigantic, no longer lived in….

-Rainer Maria Rilke

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