Hypnagothique #111

Clash Of The Titans Vol.XI


Journey To The Battle Of Varanax
First Communion. Mode: Direct

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Hypnagothique #110 – Antiquing Vol.33


You wouldn’t believe itPandemonia
Death of StenchMental Anguish
Stražar in državaDPravda
Alchemy OneCWA
Helmut rapes LotharIgnore Alien Orders
Les AthlètesHélène Sage #Velimir Khlebnikov
SatisfactionThe Residents
Rtny KhomleVarvara Stepanova
Mélania’s TearsÉtant Donnés

Bravely curated by DJ Vrhovny

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Hypnagothique #109 – Enemy of the Sun Vol.8



” Unfolding into depths of points of overlapped Present
Unlocked before an all-observing Eye “

Trans-abysmal Echoes (Non-sense) – Irkallian Oracle
The Longevity of Second Death – Ævangelist
Orbmorhpia – Portal
The Tongue of the Demagogue – Abyssal
Agonizing (In The Shadow of The Hammerblow) – Mitochondrion
Ritual of the Crypt – Impetuous Ritual
Blood & Darkness – Ævangelist
Silence of the Great Martyrs – Teitanblood

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Hypnagothique – #108 More Fresh Fruit And Vegetable



<Grime Sin>
<Slickzz & Marvin>
<La Rose Noire>

<Grime Sin>
<Vex’d / Distance>
<Depzman ✝>
#Your spirit will be free when you push the button on the radio

• Songs about cheese, gear, rumour, grit, grime, bars, screwed up family, plastic fork, galactic force, feud, ninja, paris, nottingham, full moon, apocalypse, celebration and death. It’s normal. •

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